Benefits of a Home Inspection

Although new tax breaks and great housing prices in Orlando, Windermere and Winter Garden make buying a home easier and more cost-effective than ever before, it can still be a daunting task to undertake the path to home ownership. In addition to the stress of moving, you’re probably worrying about things like loan processing fees, down payments, mortgage options, and closing costs. Even with a financial advisor and a realtor at your side, these can add up to quite a bit of hard work!


However, almost every homeowner will tell you that these costs are definitely worth buying a FL house. Not only are you purchasing a place to call home, but you’re making a financial investment with potentially huge returns. That’s why you should always consider a home inspection before signing on that dotted line, even if the added expense isn’t one you’re looking forward to.


What is a Home Inspection?


Many people equate a home inspection with a home appraisal, and with good reason. At their core, the two processes are very similar: in both, a trained professional goes through the home and inspects it with the intent of informing all parties involved on making the smartest buying and selling decisions.


However, the similarities stop there. Home appraisals are done to give buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and financers a better idea of what the home is worth (based on “surface” things like square footage, number of rooms, and amenities like a fireplace or granite countertops). A home inspection, on the other hand, is all about informing buyers about the potential problems that lie underneath the surface.


For example, a home inspector will be able to answer the following questions:


  • What is the condition of the plumbing and/or electrical system, and how easy is it to access in the event of a problem?


  • What will be the realistic costs and challenges of heating or cooling the house?


  • What is the state of the foundation, the roof, and other structural components?


  • How many years of use will you be able to get out of the electrical/plumbing/heating systems?


  • What are the potential safety hazards of the house (lead paint, radon, termites, asbestos, mold, etc.)?


What a Home Inspection Does for You


Although most home inspections cost the potential homebuyer hundreds of dollars up front, they typically end up saving homebuyers thousands of dollars in the end. When you get a home inspection, you can not only step away from a purchase that might not be right for you, but you can also require sellers to either “fix” the problems before you buy the home, or adjust the price in order to allow you to make the repairs.


Of course, there’s also the benefit of knowing that the home for sale in Orlando that you purchased is safe and comfortable. It can be difficult to know just what a house has in store for you until you’ve lived in it for a few months. A home inspection is the best way to take the house for a “test drive” before you make the investment. And with so many choices currently on the Florida real estate market, you’re in a perfect position to make a smart, financially-sound choice for your entire family.