Marketing Your Florida Home: What to Expect during Your Open House

If your FL home is for sale – whether in Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden or surrounding areas – there’s a good chance your real estate agent will discuss the benefits of an open house with you. Open houses have long been a part of the home sale experience, since it allows prospective buyers to take a “low-key” approach while they browse the merchandise. It also gives your real estate agent the chance to network with a large number of potential buyers all at one time. In some cases, it also means you’ll finally sell that home!

However, an open house can be an unnerving event; after all, you’re opening your home up to complete strangers, and in most cases, you won’t be there to witness the event. By knowing what to expect, you have a better chance of selling your FL home – all while keeping a handle on your peace of mind.

  • Remember that an open house is just one part of a larger marketing process. No one wants to sell your home more than your Orlando real estate agent, and the best approach in any sales climate is to reach as many potential homebuyers as possible. That means diversifying the way you market to include those who prefer the low-key atmosphere of an open house.
  • Don’t expect immediate results. Few people enter an open house and make a purchase right then and there. The real outcome is most likely going to be a few appointments for a private viewing or future appointment.
  • Remove your valuables, money, keys, pets, medications, and any paperwork that has personal information on it (such as bills). Although a good real estate agent will keep an eye on your property to avoid damages, anything that is of value (for either monetary or personal reasons) should be safely tucked away. This can actually help sell the house in the long run, since personal effects tend to turn buyers off.
  • Do a walk-through with your real estate agent immediately before and after the open house. This will allow you both to determine damages or thefts with an objective eye.
  • Remember that an open house can tell you a lot about your property. Your real estate agent will be able to draw conclusions based on the turnout and the overheard comments. If few people show up, it could indicate that your asking price is too high, or that your curb appeal simply isn’t up to snuff. A large turnout with few leads could mean that the problem lies with the layout or “dressing” of your home.

Selling a home in FL can be difficult in today’s market – but it isn’t impossible. By approaching your marketing strategies with an open mind – and an open house – you can get your home effectively promoted throughout the Orlando, Windermere and Winter Garden housing market with better results than ever before.